Major-element Chemical Data accompanying Hildreth et al. (2003) Eruptive history and geochronology of the Mount Baker volcanic field, Washington [B25107]

This table of major element chemical analyses of Mount Baker volcanic field rocks is the data repository accompanying 'Eruptive history and geochronology of the Mount Baker volcanic field', by Wes Hildreth, Judy Fierstein, and Marvin Lamphere. This 2003 report was published in volume 115 of the Bulletin of the Geological Society of America. The paper is the most comprehensive study to date of Mount Baker and associated vents in the volcanic field, including the Black Buttes, Kulshan caldera, and a number of more localized (and previously undescribed) volcanic centers. The paper results from several years of arduous field mapping. The paper reports over 500 major element analyses, and many K/Ar and 40Ar/39Ar ages for a wide variety of rocks from the volcanic field. This paper is must reading for anyone with a serious interest in volcanic geology and eruptive history of the Mount Baker region.

In the table, samples localities are recorded in the third column to within 100 m using the UTM grid (zone 10). East grid values are preceded by 5; north values are preceded by 54. Topographic maps used in this mapping project, all 7.5' quadrangles, are: Baker Pass, Welker Peak, Mount Shuksan, Shuksan Arm, Mount Baker, Groat Mountain, Glacier, Bearpaw Mountain, and Mount Larrabee. The table is also available on the internet: , file number 2003091