Kovanen, D. J., Easterbrook, D. J., and Thomas, P. A., 2001: Holocene eruptive history of Mount Baker, Washington, Can. J. Earth Sci., v. 38, no. 9, p. 1355-1366

Holocene eruptive history of Mount Baker, Washington

New radiocarbon dates associated with volcanic ashes and lahars improve our understanding of the volcanic activity of Mount Baker, a 3284 m-high, andesitic stratovolcano in the North Cascades, Washington. The geologic record shows that during the Holocene, four ashes and at least seven lahars were deposited on the flanks of Mount Baker and in the nearby North Cascades. Here, we document the ages of three previously undated ashes, the Schriebers Meadow scoria, the Rocky Creek ash, and the Cathedral Crag ash. Because Mount Baker lies at the head of the Nooksack drainage, eruptive activity may influence areas downstream. Understanding the timing and characteristics of volcanic eruptions from Mount Baker is useful from volcanic hazard and paleoclimatological perspectives.